iKey SLK-101-FL Medical Keyboard with Backlighting

Available from MedicalKeyboards.co.uk, iKeys’s SLK-101-FL is a fully sealed IP rated keyboard, designed ideally for medical environments such as hospitals, doctors, laboratories and pharmaceuticals. With the added convenience of low profile keys, ensuring the SLK-101-FL is quick and easy to clean, reducing the chance of cross contamination. The additional feature of backlighting allows the keyboard to be used in low lit areas, such as on carts or a nurses station overnight. iKey’s SLK-101-FL has the full functionality of a standard keyboard, with 12 function keys and a numeric keypad. Available in UK or US layout, MedicalKeyboards.co.uk recommends this product to be used in Emergency Rooms, Patient Rooms, and Laboratories or on the carts at Nursing Stations.

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