iKey SK-97-TP Medical Keyboard with Touchpad

iKey’s SK-97-TP which is available from MedicalKeyboards.co.uk is designed for hygienic applications and meets the high demands of infection control in healthcare environments for dentists, vets and hospitals. The slim, compact keyboard provides a good typing experience with a responsive and tactile feedback in the keys, with left and right click mouse buttons below the touchpad for convenience of the user. The GlidePoint touchpad also makes the SK-97-TP easier to clean using hospital grade disinfectant wipes or sprays. 
Please note: The PS2 version of this keyboard is compatible with all Windows operating systems, whereas the USB version is compatible with Windows, Linux and MAC operating systems. 
MedicalKeyboards.co.uk iKey’s can provide the SK-97-TP in both UK and US layouts. 
MedicalKeyboards.co.uk recommends this product for use in; Hospitals, Vets, Doctors, Dentists, Laboratories and Pharmacies.

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