Accumed 105 Medical/Industrial Waterproof White Keyboard

Perfect for Clinical and Industrial Use

With an outstanding IP rating of IP67, fully sealed in silicone rubber and with the added protection of NANOARMOUR-2 technology, the Accumed 105 keyboard is not only perfect for medical environments due to its germicidal NANOARMOUR-2 technology but being completely dust proof means that no sneaky dust particles can seep into your keyboard no matter the size, making it perfect for production and factory use also.

NANOARMOUR-2 is dual layered silver nano protection to stop bacteria and viruses from spreading on your keyboard. This can stop the spread of harmful bacteria and germs in medical environments. 

Waterproof and Wipe-able

In addition being water proof means that it can be cleaned without worry as the water won’t seep into the keyboard and damage it. The Accumed 105 keyboard can be wiped with medical grade disinfectant and can be submerged in water or cleaning fluids without damage to the keyboard.

Raised Keys

The Accumed 105 Medical keyboard is equipped with raised keys which give the sense and feel of familiarity and coupled with the tactile feedback when each key is pressed allows for ease of use and a comfortable and natural typing experience.

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