Accumed Medical Mini Keyboard With Integrated Hula-Point

Perfect for Medical and Industrial Environments

With an outstanding IP rating of IP67, fully sealed in silicone rubber and with the added protection on NANOARMOUR-2 technology, the Accumed 105 keyboard is not only perfect for medical environments due to its germicidal NANOARMOUR-2 technology, being also completely dust proof means it’s not just perfect for medical environments but for production and factory use also.

It Maybe Small but it is Mighty

Being a small 23 cm in length this keyboard is designed to minimise the space used by a conventional full sized keyboard, this doesn’t take away from the power and capability of the keyboard. The KYBNA-SIL-MIN is perfect for the busy and cluttered lifestyle of medical environments where space is important.

Integrated Hula-Pointing Device

With an integrated Hula-Pointing device, it takes away the need to buy a separate medical mouse or peripheral; this then saves you money and the space a mouse would take up.

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