Accumed Medical Mouse - MOUNA-SIL-CWH

Perfect for Medical Use

With an outstanding IP rating of IP67, fully sealed in silicone rubber and with the added protection on NANO-ARMOUR-2 technology, the Accumed Washable Mouse will be your knight in NANO-ARMOUR against bacteria in medical environments. Need a mouse that’s completely dust proof and can be washed down and still work? The Accumed Medical Washable mouse is the perfect choice for you.

Equipped with NANO-ARMOUR-2 Technology

NANO-ARMOUR-2 is dual layered silver nano protection to stop bacteria and viruses from spreading on your mouse. This can stop the spread harmful bacteria and germs in medical environments.

Optical Sensor

With an impressive 800dpi Optical Sensor, it doesn't skimp on reliability, this makes the Accumed Washable mouse not only protect against germs as it also responds in quick time allowing for seamless and quick movements.

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