Vioguard Self-Sanitizing UV Germicidal Medical Keyboard

Take your Cleaning to the Next Level

With a fully automated cleaning system, 90 seconds cleaning time, UV germicidal cleaning light and a integrated mouse pad, the Vioguard MK1 Keyboard is a perfect for medical environments everywhere.

Perfect for Medical Use

Cleanliness is the Vioguards’ main priority, featuring a ‘No-Touch’ Cleaning system which allows you to not even have to press a button to start the cleaning cycle, thus making it easy to use and also minimises the spread of germs on the outer keyboards unit.

90 Seconds Cleaning Time

Boasting an impressive 90 second cleaning time and four UV Germicidal bulbs which clean the keyboard, the Vioguard is the perfect choice for speed, efficiency and cleanliness. This means no unplugging of the unit to clean it thoroughly and no disabling function on the keyboard so that you can immediately start typing once the cycle is over.

Changeable UV Bulbs

There’s also no need to worry about changing the UV bulbs either, with an outstanding 40,000 cycle lifetime where each bulb can be replaced individually, no need to change your whole system when the bulbs die, saving you time and money.

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