Cleankeys Wired ISO105 CK3-17 Keyboard

The Cleankeys CK3-17 is a full size, 105 key layout medical keyboard which can be cleaned fully to infection control standards within seconds. 

A number of key features include:

Patented TouchTap Technology - Using internal disambiguation software and TouchTap technology (patented), the Cleankeys CK3-17 allows users to rest their fingers whilst typing very accurately.

The tap-sensitive keyboard is available with a Gorilla Glass (completely flat) top surface that is easily cleaned using hospital-grade disinfectants. 

The ISO compliant standard 105 key layout makes transitioning to a different keying action easier for users.

The Cleankeys CK-17 is very simple to use and clean: just pause, spray, and wipe. No need to unplug and take it to a sink.

A full size numeric keypad allows users simpler data entry and charting.

Volume Control/ Audible Feedback - With six volume levels (including OFF), the user can tailor the audible feedback to their specific environment. 

Works with Gloves - A five point sensitivity setting means that little fingers, big fingers and even gloves are no problem; all can be accommodated by changing the sensitivity settings.

Cleankeys is: Hands down, the world's easiest keyboard to clean.

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