Purekeys Medical Keyboard - IP66 KBC with Tactile Feedback

Sanitise in Seconds

With its flat keyboard design which allows for the keyboard to be wiped down in seconds as well as boasting a durable and moisture-resistant silicone based cover that makes it strong enough to be cleaned with medical grade disinfectant and still be working. If that wasn't enough as an added bonus this keyboard has minimal raised keys with which germs and bacteria can hide, as well as coming with a dedicated ‘Clean Key’ which disables the keyboard so you don’t have to plug it out of the PC unit.

Scissor Key Action, Tactile Feedback

You’ll never realise that this keyboard uses Scissor Key switches instead of higher-grade switches; with tactile feedback of a standard keyboard the Purekeys Wired Medical Keyboard is here to give the user a sense of familiarity whilst maintaining the feel of a strong and rugged keyboard.

Desktop & VESA mounting

This keyboard has integrated rubber feet for secure footing in addition to four 75 mm VESA mounting holes for Kiosk mounting. Having more than one way to mount this keyboard makes it suitable for medical environments with or without an abundance of space.

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