Purekeys Medical Keyboard and Mouse Set

Sanitise in Seconds

Boasting a durable and moisture-resistant silicone based cover that makes both the keyboard and mouse strong enough to be cleaned with medical grade disinfectant and still be working; the Purekeys Wired Bundle is perfect for your medical needs. With its flat keyboard design which allows for the keyboard to be wiped down in seconds with no raised keys with which germs and bacteria can hide. This keyboard also comes with a dedicated ‘Clean Key’ which disables the keyboards that you don’t have to plug it out of the PC unit making you clean even faster.

Scissor Key Action, Tactile Feedback

You’ll never realise that this keyboard uses Scissor Key switches instead of higher-graded switches; with tactile feedback the Purekeys Wired Medical Keyboard is here to give the user a sense of familiarity whilst maintaining the feel of a strong and rugged keyboard.

5 Keys Mouse

Being a fully sealed mouse means you don’t have the space for a scroll wheel, but the Purekeys Wired mouse is equipped with a 5 key system instead of 3 keys, the Purekeys Medical Wired mouse is made for the best cleaning experience without losing the functions of a standard office mouse.

Plug and Play

With no additional drivers to install the Purekeys Wired Medical Keyboard and Mouse will not hinder you from getting on with your day as it is fully plug and play giving you a convenient ‘hit the ground running’ with the mouse.

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