KYBNA-RF-540 Wireless Medical Keyboard with Integrated Touchpad

Integrated Touchpad Device

With an integrated touchpad which is of high resolution meaning it can track your finger with ease, the Accumed 540 RF keyboard is your go to keyboard for all-in-one for medical environments. In addition you don’t need to buy a separate medical mouse or peripheral, thus saving you valuable space.

Who needs Raised Keys when you have Dipped Keys?

Dipped keys instead of the standard raised keys allowing for easy cleaning and with no crevices where germs can hide, makes the Accumed 540 RF keyboard perfect for medical environments. Boasting the tactile feedback of normal raised key keyboards, the Accumed 540 RF keyboard will give you a comfortable and more natural typing experience.

Clean Timer Function

Having a Cleaning timer function which allows you to set a time for cleaning the keyboard, whether it’s for 30 minutes to 4 hours, you can set a time to suit you. Moreover it disables the keyboard so that you don’t have to disconnect the keyboard to clean it, thus making you more efficient.

Perfect for Medical Environments

Covered in silicone rubber and NANOARMOUR-2 technology, you don’t need to worry about germs spreading in a medical environment, being rated an impressive IP67, which makes this keyboard not only completely dust proof but also waterproof, the Accumed 540 RF keyboard can be cleaned with medical grade disinfectant and still be operational.

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