Purekeys Medical Mouse - Wired

Perfect for Medical Use

With an outstanding IP rating of 66, fully sealed in silicone rubber the Purekeys Wired medical mouse is perfect for use in any and all medical environments. Need a mouse that can be washed down and still work? The Purekeys Wired Medical mouse is the perfect choice for you.

Who needs a Scroll Wheel when you can Touch Scroll?

Being a fully sealed mouse means you don’t have the space for a scroll wheel, but the Purekeys Wired mouse has got a brand new design and has been equipped with a touch scroll replacing the need for a scroll wheel; this allows the mouse to be cleaned better because there are no crevasses to which germs and harmful pathogens can reside and hide in.

Plug and Play

With no additional drivers to install the Purekeys Wired Medical mouse will not hinder you from getting on with your day as it is fully plug and play giving you a convenient easy start with the mouse.

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