Athena AMK102W Wireless Medical Keyboard

Athena, Keyboards that war against Germs

With the Athena AMK102 medical keyboard germs are no longer an issue, covered in silicone rubber and IP rated to an outstanding 68 standard you’ll feel like you have the Goddess of War at your side as the AMK102 medical keyboard from Athena will help in the fight against germ harbouring in medical environments.

Wireless Connectivity

With a 2.4GHz wireless connectivity which allows for a strong, uninterrupted connection even if objects are blocking the dongle allowing for the AMK102 to keep you typing no matter what’s in front of your computer and with a range of 10 metres, this keyboard can be moved around freely to maximise your desk space.

Easy to Clean

Sporting low profile keys which permits easier cleaning and with the addition of a pause button which disables the keyboard so that you can clean without worrying about accidental typing or plugging it out of your PC unit which allows for a faster cleaning experience which in turn will save your time.

Rugged and Reliable

This is a Medical Keyboard With a life expectancy of up to 30 million key strokes per key and being able to withstand water and medical grade disinfectant this keyboard is rugged and very reliable. The Athena AMK102 Keyboard is made to last but not skimp on performance either so you get the best typing and cleaning experience possible.

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