Unotron M12 Washable Mouse

Looks like a Normal Mouse, Functions like one too

The Unotron range is designed with familiarity in mind, by keeping all the functions of a standard mouse this allows the user to be able to use this mouse and not having to recondition themselves due to changes in design, this can boost the users efficiency.

Removable Scroll Wheel

With a removable scroll wheel the Unotron M12 mouse can be fully cleaned without worrying about harmful bacteria or germs lurking on the underside of the scroll wheel, this allows for thorough and extensive cleaning of the mouse.

IP66 Rated and Antimicrobial Protected

Covered in antimicrobial protected plastic and having an IP rating of 66, the M12 medical mouse from Unotron not only has familiarity in mind but also protection from harmful bacteria and germs, this makes it perfect for use in any medical environments.

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