Purekeys Wireless Medical Keyboard and Mouse Set

Perfect for Medical Use

With an outstanding IP rating of IP66, fully sealed in silicone rubber the Purekeys Wireless Medical Keyboard and Mouse is perfect for use in any and all medical environments. Need a keyboard and mouse that can be washed down with even medical grade disinfectant and still work? The Purekeys Wireless Medical Keyboard and Mouse bundle is the perfect choice for you.

Who needs a Scroll Wheel when you can Touch Scrolling?

Being a fully sealed mouse means you don’t have the space for a scroll wheel, but the Purekeys Wireless mouse is equipped with a touch scroll replacing the need for a scroll wheel, this allows the mouse to be cleaned better because there are no crevasses to which germs and harmful pathogens can reside and hide in.

Seamless Connectivity

With a 2.4GHz connection, the Purekeys Wireless medical Keyboard and Mouse is reliable in its connection as its germ protection. With a fast and sharp receiver and quick connectivity time, you’ll be away in a flash especially as it also has no additional drivers to install.

Ergonomic Design – Made for your Hand

With a shape that fits into your hand comfortably and a smooth and soft feel the Purekeys medical mouse is a gift not only for medical use but for your hands too minimising the RSI normally associated with non-ergonomic mice.

Scissor Key Action, Tactile Feedback

You’ll never realise that this keyboard uses Scissor Key switches instead of mechanical switches; with tactile feedback the Purekeys Wireless Medical Keyboard is here to give the user a sense of familiarity whilst maintaining the feel of a strong and rugged keyboard.

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