Purekeys Compact Keyboard and Mouse Set - Black, Wired

Introducing Purekeys latest 400 Series design bundle. Now with even more quality and infection control potential.

The 400 Purekeys Compact Desktop USB Keyboard, incorporates the latest design for the best infection control results. The new housing and top surface work together to ensure seamless clean-ability. It only takes between 5-8 seconds.

Rated to IP 66 specifications, the Purekeys flat keyboard and mouse can be wiped, sprayed and cleaned with medical grade disinfectants with no ingresses for bacteria to hide.  This Purekeys keyboard has a dedicated Clean Key that disables input when cleaning.

The flat surface still gives maximum tactile feedback for comfortable typing experiences by each user.

The Purekeys scroll mouse comes with an integrated scroll function and left - right clicks. 

Contact Keyboard Specialists Ltd (MedicalKeyboards.co.uk) on 0203 474 0324 for more information on the Purekeys range. 

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