Medigenic Compliance Medical Keyboard

Fully approved for medical use and for presentation in an NHS environment, the Medigenic Compliance Keyboard is produced specifically for use in hospital wards.

With ever-changing staffing of nurses and doctors, each individual can never be sure when the keyboard was last cleaned – with Medigenic this all changes.

Medigenic Compliance Keyboard uses specialist, patented technology and a ‘Clean-Me’ alert system with a flashing light for when the keyboard needs to be cleaned and an audible alarm for cleaning. With the ‘pause’ button on this keyboard, cleaning becomes simpler and more effective using any medical grade disinfectant on this IP65 unit.

Available from this keyboard provides a high tactile feedback for quick data entry as well as quick cleaning procedures for safeguarding of both patients and staff.

Important Information: NHS support is available, please contact Keyboard Specialists on 0203 474 0234 for more information.

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