Cleankeys CK4-17 Wired Medical Keyboard

The Cleankeys CK4 keyboard has been designed to look aesthetically pleasing as well as providing a high level of protection for medical use.

Produced with a gorilla glass surface, this strong reliable keyboard has an IP rating of 65, meaning it is completely resistant to spills and medical disinfectants when cleaning.

Available from the medical CK4 design makes it easier to type with the capacitive keys, which operate without mechanical pressure, ensuring this keyboard is completely ergonomic. Long lasting quality of the keys and the integrated touchpad on this keyboard makes it possible to operate the unit with latex and silicone gloves as the key sensitivity and acoustic levels can be adjusted.

Cleaning on a flat surface of this glass keyboard ensures this keyboard is chemical resistant, with a key lock system meaning this keyboard can be cleaned without disconnecting or unplugging the keyboard.

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