iKey AK-39 Wearable Rugged Keyboard

iKey’s AK-39, which is available from MedicalKeyboards.co.uk, is designed in such a compact way it can be worn on the arm, without restricting movements, ideal for Public Services and Military requirements.

Featuring a Force Sensing Resistor pointing device (FSR) with left and right click functionality as well as the keyboard, the AK-39 is a fully functional keyboard.

Designed with a snap-on faceplate, iKey’s unique AK-39 compact keyboard can be used with the elimination of accidental keystrokes.

Featuring six levels of green LED backlighting this keyboard can be used in low lit areas – with a NVIS (Night Vision) version also available. MedicalKeyboards.co.uk specifically recommends this keyboard for use in very harsh electromagnetic interface environments as the AK-39 is designed to meet MIL-469 standards.

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