Cleankeys CK3-15 Wireless Medical Keyboard with Integrated Touchpad

The Cleankeys CK3-15 has a smooth surface that is free of deep grooves and gaps for germs to hide in. 

Cleankeys really is the world’s easiest keyboard to clean.

Cleankeys converts one of the dirtiest surfaces in your facility to one of the cleanest and the new patent-pending CleanSweep™ monitoring software helps keep it that way.Cleankeys is the only touch keyboard that allows you to rest your fingers whilst typing; plus Cleankeys resolves the conflict that arises when a finger lands between two keys, choosing the most likely letter based on the word you are typing. These features makes the keyboard very accurate. 

The CK3-15 also adds the convenience of wireless connectivity, which makes integrating into some environments an absolute must. With the 2.4GHz radio, uses within locations where the computer tower is tucked away is not an issue.

Clean Sweep monitors the keyboard cleanliness and can be used to actively alert users when the keyboard needs cleaning.

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